The Playground is Haunted.

Luis Chavez never wanted to speak to the dead, but it seems they wanted to speak to him. When he meets the restless spirit of Alice Thomas haunting the local playground, he gets pulled into a world of mystery and turmoil all revolving around a singular question: who murdered her?

Luis sets out to solve the case and bring peace of all the spirits trapped at the playground. But some of these ghosts are not so eager to pass on.

Filled with suspense and intrigue, An Empty Swing will take you on a paranormal adventure of the human heart and soul.

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Finalist in the 2018 American Fiction Awards

"What do a nerd, a goth chick, and a ghost girl have in common? More than you might think in N. J. Hanson's 'An Empty Swing'. ... I really enjoyed this book. (...) This book has a little bit of everything... overall, a well written and exciting read."    -